MSR Imporium Canada Inc. is an importer/wholesaler of a large variety of pets and pet related products.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the ownership has put together a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive technical knowledge in the pet industry as well as expertise in customer service. We are located in Lasalle, a few minutes from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Our facility occupies a total of 17,500 sq. ft. of warehouse and office space. Half our warehouse space is dedicated to our aquatics department, while reptiles, small animals and pet related products complete the remaining space.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction which we achieve by offering high quality products and providing excellent service. With a vast selection of marine and freshwater fish, aquatic plants, reptiles and other small animals, we will meet all your needs and demands for live products. In order to provide our clients with healthy animals, we have implemented quality check points in every department. We also put a big emphasis on an efficient delivery service so you can be rest assured that your merchandise is packed under ideal conditions in our facility, transported in an optimal setting and delivered to you on a timely basis resulting in the best possible quality products. In addition, to serve you best, our experienced sales team is readily available to assist you with your orders and provide technical support.